Thursday, April 30, 2009

SKINFOOD Rose Check Chock Blush

Here we go with another blush! As much as I want to try SKINFOOD masks, I always seem to try their other stuff first like their hand cream and now blush. This is their very mispelled blush called the Rose Check Chock blush. It seems to me like their either trying to spell it correctly(having such a hard time) or it's a sound of some sort. Maybe of what roses make when we're not looking. It is a very cute cream blush that comes in a very small container that can almost be mistakened as you're contact lenses case. It comes with a mini poof sponge applicator for some cute application. I don't like to use cream/liquid stuff on my cheeks but it is definitely an interesting way to control the circular puff movements to bring out the colour.

This is 02 which is described as a Peach Orange. The colour in the pot looks orange/peachish but it's more of light orange with some kind of chrome like shimmer to it. It gives a nice healthy glow to my skin if put on correctly. This one is not as pigmented as the other one I got but it does have the shimmer. Very appropriate for summer time tanning. There is a faint rose scent to the blush as it has rosehip seed oil. It doesn't seem bother me too much.

The other one I got was 03 which is a Rose Orange. I only got this colour because the orange looked real nice in the pictures. It seemed pretty vibrant and somehow I thought this blush would be sheer but it's not. A little goes a very long way. It's lasting ability is alright. I think as long as you don't touch your face or sweat too much, it'll be alright. This particular colour is one of those ones that are too orangey for my skintone. It's just not flattering. It makes me feel like those 80s makeup, like back in the day when blush was just as bold as eyeshadow. Totally not me at all. Overall, I'm pretty so-so on these blushes. Don't think I would recommend to anyone at all.

Pros: Rosehip seed oil, cream blush, puff applicator, cute and convenient size, pigmented, shimmer
Cons: Limited colour options(only 3), alright price for size

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SKIN79 Gold Label Super BB Cream (Edit)

My previous review on SKIN79 Gold Label Super BB Cream had pictures too dark so I decided to take new pictures. I think the only reason is because my laptop's screen setting is super bright so I thought it was alright. Hopefully these ones are better!

I took a Before and After picture of an old burn scar I have on my arm. As you can see the coverage is not perfect but pretty good. Does anyone have the Hot Pink one? How is that like? I feel like trying that one out too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canmake Glamourize Bronzer

I know it's a bit early for this but I just bought a new bronzer! I've always loved blush but my facination for bronzer is even bigger. I don't own quite a lot but the ones I own are ones that I've actually tried on my skin just to make sure it's not of an orange tint. I prefer golden brown colours with a bit of shimmer. I believe if used lightly, it can act as a highlighter that will bring out a luminous skintone. It really reminds me of the Mineralize stuff from MAC. I was browsing Ichibankao the other day and found that Canmake made bronzers and I just had to try it so I did and I got the Canmake Glamourize Bronzer. I don't think I've seen any reviews on this one yet so hope this one will benefit those who wanted to try this product!

I got 02 Gold Bronze which is the darker shade of the two so I could get more pigment. The bronzer comes with a bronzing colour and a highlighter side. The bronze in 02 is dark almost woody tint with shimmer while the highlighter is a light gold shimmer. You use both shades to create a nice bronzed glowy look. The sponge applicator that comes with it is duo sided with a sponge type and a fluffy type side. The sponge side is to be used with the bronze on your cheeks while the fluffy side of the applicator is used for the highlighter on the t-zones/c-zone areas of the face. I honestly, don`t like the applicators and much prefer brushes as I find the sponge packs on too much bronze on the face. The entire bronzer itself is quite sheer so it wasn`t as great as I thought it would be. I`m looking to try the other bronzer palette in the brand.

Pros: Decent price, duo bronzer set, shimmery, duo applicator
Cons: Very sheer

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Makeup Bag - Spring 2009

Here's an update on my current makeup routine! I am still using the COACH one from January but it's more for things like bandages, mirror and lipgloss stuff for the big bag. I got a cute Roxy Train Case on sale at the local bargain shop for $20. It's like the average kid's lunch bag size that can fit a lot of stuff in it. Not that I use a lot of stuff on my face but it's perfect for stuffing brushes(I'm so bad with them), cotton pads, makeup remover and sponges in it. I wish they had the blue one though because I like that colour combo better. Oh well. There isn't much stuff different from my previous makeup bag posts because I repurchased things that I actually am quite ok with since there hasn't been much that has been quite outstanding to actually interest me in using a lot.

1) My beloved Raycious Crystal Skin Base! I still enjoy using this a lot! I like the texture of it so much that I really want to buy more back ups! Kind of expensive though because they are only available at certain online stores now that have extreme prices =(

2) SKIN79 Super BB Gold Label is the best!

3) Back to MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer. I learnt a very simple technique the other day that has a very good/natural look. To blend my concealer and BB cream together to make it the concealer not look too obvious on my face. Probably everyone has known and done that already so I guess I'm just slow. I'm a NW25 for MAC concealer.

4) The weather is getting warmer so I have chosen to get a Mineralize Powder from MAC as well to set/reduce shine on my face. I got Medium which is a complete match to my skintone. Light hand on T-zone is key because it seems to much to be put all over the face.

5) MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BLUSH FROM MAC!!!! This is MAC Blush in Prism(Matte). It was my very first colour and it is the best! It's a dirty peach that flatters as blush and contouring powder. If I could I would restock a lot of this.

6) Out with the horrible Revlon eyebrow stuff! I have changed to MAC. I got the MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Spiked. It's alright. I ought to really go back to powder. I also use BonneBell EyeStyle Clear Mascara to set it.

7) I have also gone back to my KATE gel eyeliners. I am currently using the beautiful PU-2 which is a deep plum purple. Looks great with browns/brown eyes! I also use this VOV Shining Auto Pencil(FREE FROM GMARKET!) to line the bottom/waterline to make the eyes POPPING!

8) So here are the items I have in my makeup bag right now!
Banila Co. Gossip Girl Palette. I gave into these palette things after seeing many pictures of them! I just had to have them too! So I got this one which is very familiar to another palette I have seen/and own(MAC?). I don't use the blush at all as it's too light but I love the middle brown colour. Very very nice.

9) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha. I finally got to try one of these and wow! These are amazing smooth stuff! The colours are a bit extreme for me but this one is by far the most workable one. I like to use this sometimes as a base and apply the brown from Gossip Girl on top.

10) VOV All Night Mascara. I have yet to review this one(Where did Mascara Mondays go?!). All I can say is that this one is pretty good in waterproof and smudgeproof.

The tools used: Makeup sponge(need to be replaced), SANA eyelash curler, MAC 134, MAC 169 and MAC 214*.

As you can see, I'm really working on the neutrals for spring. I haven't been using a select major lip product because it's been a mix of lipsticks. Aren't neutrals great? What are you rocking this Spring?

*It's kind of bad but MAC 214 is an eye shadow brush but I use it to apply my KATE eyeliner. It's the nice short and stiff for the perfect line! Also great for smudging liner! I'm so bad!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PDC Naturina Toner (Oily)

During my last trip to the beauty import store, the PDC Naturina Toner had caught my eye and I had thoughts of trying it out. The packaging isn't attractive at all but the aloe vera extract seemed like a good choice. It was also made for oily skin which would help with my recent breakouts. There's nothing really about this toner that makes it stand out from other drugstore toners as it does pretty much the same. It moisturizes and makes your skin texture better. To be honest, it was quite a bad purchase that I do regret buying. It has this horrible alcohol scent to it and the bottle itself is this bulky glass type. It does, however, have a refreshing feel to it upon skin contact. As I said, I do regret trying this one out based on a simple ingredient but the good news is that it was very cheap.

Pros: Cheap, aloe vera extract
Cons: Alcohol scent, bulky glass, not much result

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mandom Corp Green Tea Face Wash

As my previous cleanser was coming to an end, I had begun searching for a new cleanser. My face has gotten extremely oily these days and I have some sudden break outs too. I decided to browse some of the local beauty import stores that bring in the Japanese drugstore skincare. I usually like to order online but I only needed a face wash so it wasn't neccesary to go online just to buy the one thing. The beauty import stores sometimes raise their prices so much that I feel it's really not worth it. Luckily, I found the Mandom Corp Green Tea Facial Wash which was an alright price(slightly more expensive than the average American brand) at the store. This facial wash is targeted for oily/acne skin type. It has tiny scrubbing beads to remove dirt and oil from the face. It also has green tea extract in it too. I've used it for a week already and I'm really enjoying the wash as it has the gentle beads to get the oil off. The beads do quickly turn into suds as you rub your face and then your face gets this very refreshing chilly feeling. The wash also smells slightly floral. My skin always feels real clean and it hasn't caused me to break out ever since. I would definitely recommend this!

Pros: Green Tea extract, for oily/acne skin, scrubbing beads, fairly cheap
Cons: Nothing at all.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kanebo COFFRET D'OR Shine Drape Rouge... Cont'd

Do you remember my last review on COFFRET D'OR Shine Drape Rouge? Well, I loved the lipstick so much that I decided to purchase 2 more colours from the Glow collection. The two colors I got were PK-237 and OR-101.

This is PK-237 which looks like a hot pink but is a very sweet sheer pearl berry pink. I really like the result of the colour on my lips that I have replaced the RD-175 I bought previously with this one for an every day look. It's a nice universal colour for a nice spring day. I think if I were to recommend a colour from this collection, it would be this one as it's such a simple pink with a bit of shimmer.

I also got the OR-101 for the orange colour. It's a pearl orange but has more reddish tones to it. I thought it would be a nice change up to my pinks and reds. It also seemed like a fun but not over the top colour to have. I can see myself wearing it quite often since it looks real natural and it's just the right amount of "pop of colour" for a fun day in the sun.