Monday, December 22, 2008

Mascara Monday: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Silver Glitter Lash Freeze

As sad as it seems, I am not reviewing the latest winter edition of the MJ mascara but last year's winter limited edition mascara. This is the MAJOLICA MAJORCA Silver Glitter Lash Freeze. It is a silver glitter mascara that can be used as a top coat or alone. They don't sell this anymore but I have seen it online in a few places. I can probably say that the prices are going to be jacked up a bit since it is limited edition and whatnot.

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eye.

I honestly got this for the "limited edition" thing. I don't like using glitter stuff on my lashes because I find most just run off or smudge and leave a huge sparkly mess around my eyes. Plus I don't have that many events to be using sparkly mascara. Well, at least there aren't any events that are worthy to go to the length of sparkly lashes. I would have to say most of the MJ holiday/special occasion/limited edition items aren't really to be used casual days. As for this mascara, it does have to be worn as a top coat/tip coat because as shown(in above pictures) it does not look great alone. I find that the shimmer isn't so obvious that if you are far away, someone would think you have some mad eye boogie gunk. But the good news is that the glitter stays on mad long! No glittery mess as I assumed! It does take forever and ever to remove as well. Another reason to only apply it on the tips only! Overall, this is really only a collector's item and I don't suggest getting it unless you're real serious with glitter or you just want to spend to collect.

Pros: Super smudgeproof, limited edition-wow
Cons: Glitter looks like gunk, hard to remove, discontinued

Please stay tuned in the New Year for more:

Friday, December 19, 2008

T'ESTIMO Shining Eyeliner

Holidays are here and everything's sparkly! Actually it's not really over here in Canada. It's pretty gloom and there's not much snow either. I wonder if there will be a white Christmas this year or not. It's a real hate/love relationship with snow. I miss it when it's not here and when it is, I really want it to go away. I'm missing it right now. Snow or no snow there are many festivities going on! Lots of parties and celebrations to go to! Unfortunately, this year I am not attending anything because I'm scheduled to work on the night of Christmas in preparation for Boxing Day. It sucks but someone's going to have to do it right? Anyways, today I will be bringing back a discontinued item that I've been constantly using and talking about. It's actually not from a winter collection but I think the end result is very suitable for sparkly party eyes. This is the long-gone-and-missed T'ESTIMO
Shining Eyeliner.

It is a wet shiny eyeliner that goes on in one stroke. I got BR-27 which seems to look like a deep cocoa brown judging the tube but when used, it comes out a nice reddish mahogany brown. Which is why it's so perfect for winter! Nice warm colours that just warm your eyes up! The only reason why I keep bringing this eyeliner up, is because of how much I love formula. It does smudge a bit but because the tube is easily accessible, touching up is very easy. The sparkles aren't very obvious but it's a very cute way to dazzle up your eyes up without going too overboard. And the application is so easy! It's like a thin paint brush which can never be too hard for anyone. It's easy and pretty but discontinued. There may not be any newer versions of these coming out anymore but I see many old ones floating around the net. So it's not entirely discontinued. I would grab it, if you'd like to try a subtle shimmery eyeliner for this holiday!

Pros: Subtle shimmer, wet eyeliner, easy application
Cons: Smudges a little, discontinued

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PRIVACY Liquid Rouge

PRIVACY is an unknown drugmart brand that I just happened to spot and wanted to try out. Just can't get enough of the nude stuff even though I repeatedly tell myself it doesn't work for me. I'm just crazy with the nude lip look and dark eyes. Very cliche indeed. But when you look at the picture on the packaging, the lips do look quite the stunner, eh? So sexy! The added lace motif on the tube doesn't help either! It reminds me of those thigh-high stockings sexy office ladies wear. Ha! Maybe that's what this was aimed for!

This is not nude pink! Looking closely at the tube and the swatch, it was more of a light peach with gold shimmer to it. It's alright. Kind of a downer. I expected something very bubblegum pink or somewhat milky. The picture is quite deceiving! You can see more of the peachness in the swatch picture with the gold flecks.

As you can see, it is kind of a peachy nude. It is obvious not for my skin colour. I must stop buying these colours that I like/think are pretty. I suppose it could work as a thin layer on top of another lipstick but even a thin layer by itself seems a bit too much. Something I did notice was that the gold flecks aren't really noticable once on the lips itself. It seems to cool the colour down. For the lipgloss itself, the pigment is good and the stickiness is like regular lip glosses. There is a faint smell too.

Pros: Nice tube design, Cute colour, Pigmented
Cons: Not a -real- nude pink

edit: the colour of the lipgloss is actually labeled as "CORAL PINK"

Monday, December 15, 2008


Dear Readers,

Hello and hello again! I have indeed been back and around for quite a bit but my new job is quite important to me and I can not maintain this blog as much as I could before. I'm not leaving this though! I still enjoy my time writing about makeup and beauty products. I'm just afraid that it won't be too constant. My life has taken HUGE step into the future. I went to a job training in the US and it was very successful. I am now back in Canada working full-time at my job and loving every single minute of it. I have also taken an even HUGER step with my boyfriend as well. Good things are happening to me now! I must sound silly now but I have to say I feel very blessed for everything I have and the things I am able to do. I hope we all are.

See you guys around!

- Eliza

My Diary of Beauty(我的美麗日記)Natto Mask(納豆面膜)

The chilly weather has been long here and my skin has been constantly drying up so I thought I'd pull up some of my old-but-new masks to use again. I have yet to try all those ones that I bought in my My Beauty Diary mask set. These days I have noticed my skin is totally of a different texture compared to normal 365 days of the year. Usually it's pretty smooth but now it's peeling and just nasty to touch. It's pretty much happening to around my face line and the outer corners of my eyes. It really bugs me every time I wash. I've been using the Bihada Ichizoku Gel Scrub to try to get all the dry dead skin off and it seems to work momentarily. My skin is just so dry! I think it's possibly that the even the JUJU creams I've been using aren't really working out anymore. I need something more powerful! I have indeed looked into buying some that others have reviewed.

But anyways, I decided to scrub and apply a mask today. This is not the most moisturizing one I have in my "collection" of masks but it had to be tried! This one is the Natto Mask(納豆面膜). I have had natto beans before and I'm honestly not a big fan of it. The one I actually bought was specifically targeted for women's beauty. I didn't really think much of it after eating it except that I probably wasted some money. The mask itself though does not smell of the natto bean but of a faint floral scent. Also as usual, the mask is drenched in liquid that it seems such a waste to take it 0ff after the 30 minutes duration when it's still wet! The mask was really refreshing to the touch and it made my skin feel real soft. The roughness was slightly better. Of course, I didn't expect too much of a difference but it did surpass my expectations. Definitely did.