Thursday, May 29, 2008


More from MAJOLICA MAJORCA!! This time it's the fabulous Rouge Majex. This lipgloss is known for the value of 70% more pigmented compared to others. It's more vibrant, more moisturizing and glossy. It comes in 9 different colours with 3 limited edition ones(not pictured). I have always wanted to try this line of glosses because of the 70% pigment and besides it is MM which I love so much! The wand is very nice with a slant tip that can be easily put on at any angle. Loving it already!

First colour is PK-404. The most vibrant pink in the collection with no shimmer/sparkles. I thought it would go on very pink but it's actually a very nice nude pink with the watery lip effect. By far my favorite of the 3 I got.

This one is PK-313 which is pink with shimmer. I was playing it safe so I could use it regularly but with these glosses there is nothing to be scared about. The shimmer is nice and subtle but it gives me this dry feeling about it. Like too much cluster in it but despite that, it's really pretty.

Last but not least is the OR-317 which is the only orange shimmer in the collection. It's not great and it's not the worst. Very mediocre. I wish I had bought the vibrant red or a beige instead now. Not much of a difference from the pink shimmer one except for tint.

Overall these glosses are pretty cute. Quality wise for pigment isn't outstanding but it's passable for the price. I really liked the vibrant pink one the most though because of the watery effect it gave me and how long it lasted(quite a few good hours without eating/drinking). The smell is great like a fresh bouquet of flowers and there is no taste to it either. I probably wouldn't buy it again if I ran out but I don't think I'll ever get to that stage as it's not the first gloss I'd grab.

Pros: Moisturizing, vibrant solid colours are better, water lip effect
Cons: Shimmer colours are average, not much pigment, like standard lipgloss

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kosé Visée Lash Glamour Shape Mascara

Visée is a sub brand under big named Kosé. Unlike other sub brands Visée is reputable but not quite out there. It has some very pretty and enjoyable product ranges. The face of this sub brand used to be famous popstar Ayumi Hamasaki but now it has changed to Koda Kumi who put out a range of collaboration products. However there was an incident with Koda Kumi and her "loose" mouth that caused her to be taken off the site. I don't know what the news on that is right now but I still see her on the site so I guess she's alright now.

The product I'm going to talk about from her collection is the Lash Glamour Shape Mascara in BK 001. The mascara is volumizing, waterproof and will provide intense colour to the eyes. The jaguar and Koda's lashes show the intensity it's to provide. It comes with a normal-thick width curved brush.

Here are shots of my eyes before putting on the mascara. Short, thin and straight. I have had many attempts to find a mascara that doesn't smudge and run but I have failed. I realize how gross my skin looks close up but forgive me as I have not put on makeup.

These are the shots after curling and applying 2 coats of the mascara on top and bottom. As you can see it's pretty lengthening and it curls nicely. The colour is there but it still has that natural feel to it despite the image it's supposed to pursue. As for curl length, it has maintained the curl for a whole day and there hasn't been any smudging or running. It's a pretty decent mascara that deserves a try! I love the curved wand too!

Pros: Natural looking, Long lasting, Waterproof
Cons: Department store price, basic colours

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

KISS Pure Bloom Cheeks

KISS is another cute brand that has very cute collectible products. It has a full line from base to nails to perfume. There is some hype on the base products but I'm not incredibly sold to buy any base/cover-up products that look cute out there. But what about this blush? Does it not count as a face product? Yes, but I just find this collection so cute and I have this huge thing for blush and bronzers these days! This is the Pure Bloom Cheeks Blush that features duo colours that give you a slight rush of colour and some highlighting. There are 4 colours in this collection which I have clipped and shown above.

I decided to go with Sweet Pea because I really wanted a cute dolly pink blush. I initially wanted to go with Cosmos but I decided that I only needed one and Sweet Pea it was. This one is the most vibrant out of the rest. The darker flush pink is more of a dark fuchsia pink lemonade colour with a light shimmery ballerina pink to highlight. The colours are well presented to the colours in the product compared to on the skin. A little goes a long way as it is pigmented but not extreme like clown makeup. To be honest I love this blush a lot! I like a small dab of the dark and going over with the lighter. Plus the embedded heart patterns is so cute! No regrets about the blush itself but the brush provided is pretty crappy to me. I just use my regular full size blush brush to apply. Really nothing too drastic about that.

Pros: Extremely cute, Good pigment
Cons: Horrible brush

Friday, May 23, 2008


This is one of the older MAJOLICA MAJORCA lip gloss known as Honey Pump Gloss. I believe this is the second generation of the entire lip gloss line for MM. There are 10 colours in this collection with an added plumping affect.

The colour I chose was BE-155 which is described as a caramel but I find it a light nude caramel with a shimmer. Honestly, these glosses don't really have a lot of pigment in them so I don't really find it extremely important for a light pink and dark pink(in the collection) but it's cute to collect. The gloss has the same formula and texture as previous and newer collections. As for plumping.. I don't really see anything at all. There's no sting and no sign on the lips either. HOWEVER, even with that being said it is still a very big seller in Japan. Think BONNEBELL!

Pros: Good formula, cheap, collectable
Cons: Minimal shine, No plumping/pumping

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MAJOLICA MAJORCA Glossy Glamorous Girl Honey Lip Gloss

Another great success from Shiseido's MAJOLICA MAJORCA! This is MM's latest edition of the honey gloss. They've had a few collections of honey glosses with normal and plumping formulas. This one is more of a shimmery colour twist range. The collection is The Glossy Glamorous Girl Spring 2008. This is the first time MM has had a duo-twist coloured lip gloss. Like many collections this one from MM is limited edition for Spring only.

PK-320 is a pretty watermelon pink entangled in a cream-clear sparkle. The application is a round end with a mini hole in it for precision glossy coated lips. The colours, although not too important as aspect on the impact of lips, come out of the tube in intervals. The gloss itself is a very light yet smooth formula that smells of floral. It wasn't as glossy as I liked but it was indeed very moisturizing.

Pros: Pretty colours, good formula, cheap
Cons: No gloss factor, not much of a pigment, tube form

Sunday, May 18, 2008

INTEGRATE Glamorous Lip Gloss

INTERGRATE. What and how to describe this sub-brand under Shiseido? I would say it's a pretty mature looking line with sleek and simple packaging. The face of INTEGRATE is Angelina Jolie which I find is very rare to see her in a cosmetics commercial. Despite that she looks really pretty in all the INTEGRATE products.

This is the INTEGRATE Glamorous Lip Gloss in PK-281. I believe the hype of this brand is pretty much over this beautiful watery lip gloss. It's not diamond shine but very very glossy. The colour PK-281 is a simple light pink that will suit every face out there. It comes in a crank-twist application stick with a thin flimsy plastic "knife". The gloss comes out through a small hole from the front of the plastic which shows how genius Japanese cosmetics can be!

As far as glossy goes, I'm not insanely impressed with it. I've seen and used shinier and glossier ones before. The gloss is scentless and tasteless with a very very nice texture to it. It's minimal sticky but not slimy that it will glide off your lips and into your mouth. The colour is pretty clear on the lips with some shimmer particles. The length of the gloss also doesn't stay on that long. If one wanted to have super gloss lips(hard to achieve with this one) one would have to apply a lot. I've taken 2 pictures without(left) and with flash(right). Overall, it has a cool application method but as far as gloss and quality.. not really cool.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

meltrich Lip Balm

This is meltrich Lip Balm. Yet another one of those cute lip balms that one must try to enjoy. Pretty simple packaging with the engrish "meltup" and it's the size of the normal blistex pot.

I chose the meltrich Lip Balm because of the picture on the packaging. The picture of chocolate dipped almonds! I love the ones from Meiji(famous candy brand in Japan) and I knew I just had to try it! It really smells of a sweet milk chocolate and it goes on real smooth. The texture is sticky-turned-smoothness. It tastes like nothing though. Overall, it's an enjoyable lip balm to have year around for yummy goodness.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NATURAL JUJU 100% Aloe Vera Cream

NATURAL JUJU sounds like it's part of the AQUAJUJU line but I'm actually not sure where it is from as I cannot view the certain line on the website. I'm only assuming it's a newer version of the current one they have listed.

NATURAL JUJU 100% ALOE VERA is a cream that is both colourless and odorless. Aloe Vera cream is usually for people who have sensitive skin or to heal irritation/burns. It works perfectly for sun burns by giving it moisture and cooling down the sensation. With that being said, there isn't a cooling effect to it but it soothes down the area for you with 100% juice from the aloe vera plant.

I have been having quite a horrible skin reaction due to the weather change and my horrible department bought cream(since I ran out of my AQUAJUJU) so I decided to put in another order for a 2nd jar of AQUAJUJU but I saw the NATURAL JUJU and was intrigued to try it since it was all natural. Overall, it's a pretty nice cream to use. It doesn't irritate my skin and it keeps all parts hydrated. A little really goes a long way just like the AQUAJUJU. I would definitely try this and other aloe vera creams out there!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact Collection

Hello again! I haven't been on much these months but I'm back with a new collection from Lavshuca!

This is Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact in 01 and 02. These are limited edition palettes for the summer of 2008! They come in sleek tin cases and have 6 eyeshadows each. It is pretty evident that each 3 of the shades are to provide a day and night look. On the back of each outer box shows a little suggestion in how to use the palette.

This palette is 01 Shiny Sand Beach. This is the "warm" set of the two. The first 3 colours are more bright and pigmented while the last 3 are more dark and gloomy(?) to form a beachy summery eyes which is almost a new take on smokey eyes. I think black smoke eyes is a bit extreme for the summer so I just love the browness and bronze in this collection! I have tested the colours on the back of my hand from left to right of the palette.

This palette is 02 Windy Aqua Beach. The "cooler" side of the 2, I thought would be awesomeness but really it isn't a big wow-factor for me. I actually wish I hadn't gotten it but I have it now. It features a bunch of blues, a green and some nude. Most are pigmented that it's so light that it isn't really much to apply and layer it on. Again, not really happy about my purchase.

Overall, these limited editions are pretty much the same as the normal palettes they have but in prettier packaging and the fact that there is a "limited edition" labeled on it makes it more appealing. I honestly love the 01 Shiny Sand Beach one the most. At least it is the better of the 2.