Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicone

Sony CP is a great brand if you want to achieve certain looks. They have quite a line of lip glosses, eyeliners and mascara for natural to cat looking vixon looks. This one in particular is the Curvy Lip Silicone. It's "look" is the glossy glassy watery full lips the model has. Very juicy and splendid! This gloss has sold millions in Japan alone and more all across Asia. It plumps without the burn and it's summer glossy. It comes in a small tube with a spatula application.

The formula is a moderate gooey. For the amount of glossiness you would expect glue on your lips but it's more like melted butter. The spatula application isn't the greatest for me but it's meant to provide an equal deal. As you can see in the above pictures, there isn't much plumping done or maybe it's just a minimal difference I can't see. I love the glossiness though! It's so pretty that I could stare at my lips forever! Holy cow!

Pros: Price, Gloss factor, Tasteless, Not stingy
Cons: Plumping doesn't work for me