Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Clover Pop Chu Gloss

Love Clover Pop Chu Gloss has been out and around for quite awhile now and I was very interested in trying it out. However, I read some reviews about it and it didn't sound so great. In the end, I gave in and decided to try it out despite what others have said. It was just too cute to resist! The Pop Chu Gloss is a lipgloss that is shaped as a lollipop which comes in three different flavors/colours. There is Strawberry Pink, Vanilla Beige and Champagne Clear. I only got one of them(Strawberry Pink) even though they all seem so delicious! The design of the gloss itself is a plastic spatula with a round sphere bottom which is quite similar to a nail polish bottle. Very cute indeed!

The bare lips!

First of all, I really love the design of the actual lip gloss! It's just so cute! However, I really don't like spatula sticks because I prefer the traditional sponge/brush for precise application. The colour for the Strawberry Pink is pretty non-existent and I can probably only assume for the other two. The scent is kind of a gross but bearable. It smells of this real fake strawberry scent which you would only find in hair styling products. To be honest, for the price of this Pop Chu I rather I get the MAJOLICA MAJORCA Honey Glosses for the cute tubes and more colour variety because they are equally the same in gloss thickness and shine so why not pay a little less for one with more variety? I think that this can be safely skipped unless you must try it.

Pros: Cute lollipop design, cute colour, cheap
Cons: Limited colour choice, smells funky, spatula design

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Having just finished my last Aquamoist cream, I was on the look for a new face cream. Luckly, the JUJU brand is on the right track and have been releasing some new variations of the famous moistful creams that I love so much! I decided to try their latest in the whitening collection known as JUJU TOSEKKI. This one is different from the whitening one because this one actually uses all natural Chinese oriental herb extracts for both moisture and whitening properties. Now, I don't really need the whitening abilities but I just like to try everything from the brand because it has never failed!

Now this is slightly different from the past JUJU creams that I have used because the entire consistancy and look for the cream is incredibly different! The cream comes in slightly smaller container than the usual. The cream has a weird pearl glossy colour tint to it which made me think of some kind of glitter cream but fear not! It isn't. It's supposed to make the skin more elastic (apparently) according to the site. The pearl finish does quickly go away as you smooth the cream onto the face. The finish when the cream is completely "dissolved" is a nice shiny smooth look. It actually looks pretty nice! It gives your skin a satiny finish to it. The cream is also the thickest of all the creams they have as it's really for the winter time (the plastic box has snowflakes all over it). Another bonus feature of the cream is that it has the UV control which will prevent wrinkles, sun spots and freckles. This cream does not have SPF though! It just bounces everything off with the pearlness! I definetely like the look that the cream gives me and the UV control thing sounds nice. The thickeness is alright for me and it's not too oily either. The only problem I really have this cream is the horrible plastic-like smell. There is no scent to it so the oriental herb extracts make it smell like plastic. I suppose I have to get used to it. All JUJU products does not have any scents or colour added to it.

Pros: Very moisturizing, nice pearl finish, award winning formula, chinese oriental extracts!
Cons: Horrible natural scent!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mascara Monday: Fairy Drops Mascara

Fairy Drops Mascara has always caught my attenton with it's unique designed brush. The brush comes in a weird stacked "bubble" shape which reminds me of an ant's body. It comes in a very nice pinkish tube with some cute deco around it. The mascara promises rich volume, extra curl and no clumping. The way the mascara actually works is that the "bubbles" actually catch your lashes and curl them around the shape of the ball. It does seem pretty gimmicky doesn't it?

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eyelash.

The mascara isn't that bad actually! I honestly thought it would suck and that my money went down the drain but I was wrong. I really like the effect that the mascara gave me. It is definetely a weird brush but the concept of the lashes forming around the "bubble" is pretty great. My lashes even look like the description picture included. My lashes have the natural curl and lots of length plus it doesn't really have any clumping problem. The only real problems I have with this mascara is that it smudged around the outer corner of my eye and it is a bit hard to maneuver with the "bubble" brush in the little nooks of the eye and around the lower lash. In conclusion, this mascara is a win-lose one for me. I like the result and concept but the brush design somewhat doesn't work with it's different sizes here and there. Now there is a newer edition called "Fairy Drops Platinum" which promises more length and more volume. I think I'll be skipping that one though.

Pros: Cute tube packaging, interesting "bubble" brush, great curl and length, hardly any clumping
Cons: 1 colour, smudges, hard to reach the inner areas and do precise application.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

KISS Dual Chocolat Eyes

This is the follow up of the Spring 2009 KISS collection and my Valentine's Day special! This is the KISS Dual Chocolat Eyes palettes. The brand only came out with two of them and they are pretty basic colours known as Bitter Chocolat and Strawberry. One side is a cream shadow and the other is a powder shadow. The application is pretty basic too so it is very easy to use! Nice, simple and nothing too complicatied for this special day!

I purchased both palettes as the colours are incredibly nice together. They are both very similar, just that the Bitter Chocolat has the warm gold pearl cream shadow while the Strawberry one has a pearl pink one. The accompanying powder shadow is the same warm chocolate brown. The shadows come in a cute case with a chocolate bar looking cover. It sort of reminds me of the Bihada Ichizoku blushes I have, in terms of size. The colours are really pretty and they look great together however the only things I have about these shadows are that there is no brush to apply the look of the model's on your own eyes. Luckly I have an old stiff brow brush for the shadow lining. Another thing is that the smudging is good but the shadows are incredibly easy to rub off! There is a bit of shimmer in the cream shadows and it just rubs off easily and same goes for the powder shadow. I'm so sad about this! Such a nice colour palette but such horrible quality! I guess the idea was worth while but not the actual collection. Hopefully your Valentine's Day will be much sweeter than these! Have a great one!

Pros: Nice colours and packaging.
Cons: Horrible staying power, no brush included.

KISS Lip Chocolat Treatment

Happy Valentine's Day! Today there will be a double review special on the latest from KISS. This is from their Spring 2009 release which is all about strawberries and chocolates, just like Valentine's Day! So sweet and so yummy! It's just beautiful! In this release there are two eye palettes and one lip treatment. I didn't exactly jump to get these releases but as I started seeing them on other bloggers sites and online shops, they started to grow heavily on me so I decided to purchase them. I got both palettes and lip treatment. This one is specifically the KISS Lip Chocolat Treatment with a strawberry chocolat flavor to it. To yummy to pass up!

The KISS Lip Chocolat Treatment is pretty much a glossy lip balm with shine that smells and "tastes" like strawberry chocolate. It comes with this incredibly small "needle" tube applicator which is totally easy to squeeze out and apply directly to the lip. The colour that comes out is a light clearish baby pink that gives a pretty nice shine to the lips. It smells like milk chocolate with some hints of the strawberry. The scent is great! As for taste(even though I don't like licking it) is sweet like sugar. Overall, it is a product that can be skipped but purchased if you like strawberry chocolate things.

Pros: Strawberry Chocolate scent! Glossy finish.
Cons: Just any other lip balm.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello Kitty for Mac Haul!

Apart from the Japanese makeup brands, I really love the MAC brand. I just love their collaborations with different people and icons! I recently did a mini-me-haul from the latest MAC collaboration with Hello Kitty. I only got a few items that I would actually use so my haul isn't really interesting. I haven't seen many people buy these items so here's a look at it all.

My love for blush will never end! I decided to purchase both blushes from the collection. The colours are quite simple yet nice. I also love the packaging! The blushes are in this shiny black casing with some sparkles on it. I honestly don't like the finish of it because it makes me think they just covered the case with nail polish but nevertheless, Hello Kitty is cute on the top! The two blushes are Tippy and Fun & Games. They are both divided from the Wild and Mild side of the Hello Kitty looks. Tippy is the blush on the left and it's a real cute somewhat vibrant pink while Fun & Games is a light warmish peach. Both are totally wearable for every day use.

Another thing I got was the tinted lip conditioner Popster which is a nice semi-vibrant lip tint. The colour is very natural on me. As for packaging, it`s just like the normal TLC but with a shiny lid with Hello Kitty on it.

Now I had to just get something from the accessories part! Nothing that I really wanted but the Hello Kitty Purse Mirror. I also wanted the brush collection with the cute holder and extra brushes but it wasn`t needed. I find the purse mirror was quite a flashback to my childhood when Hello Kitty was like an ultimate collector thing. Very old school.

So that`s it for my haul!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mascara Monday: SANA Powerstyle Super Waterproof Long & Volume Mascara

Have you been looking for the perfect waterproof mascara with the power of big long lashes? Well, that's what SANA Powerstyle Long & Volume Mascara promises! The mascara is super waterproof that has a special formula formulated to withstand the curl, length and volume even if you were to swim, splash in water or cry. Sounds very promising?

My bare uncurled lashes. Short and sparse.

I'm very confused by this mascara. I'm still trying to figure if this mascara is a fiber one or not because I did see some fibers but maybe it was just teasing me. The mascara did build up and lengthen my lashes but it is borderline unnatural. It has that hard gritty black look so I'm not quite a fan. As for long-lasting, I took a shower to test out the mascara and also went to run some errands after, and you know what? Not a smudge! No black at the outer corner of my eye(like most mascaras do to me)! It's actually a pretty good product so I would highly recommend this if you are at wits end with finding a waterproof smudge-proof mascara! There is also "curl and seperate" version as well.

Pros: Very waterproof, smudge-proof, lengthens, has volume
Cons: 1 colour(black), slightly unnatural look, smells awful

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SKINFOOD Vita Juice Hand Essence

I've always had a facination in the products that come from Korea's SKINFOOD brand. Their masks seem very tempting to try out but I have held back because of the high prices I've seen online. I'm still scouting out to find cheaper prices that I can actually accept for a brand I've never tried. So in the end, I decided to give in a try one of their hand creams which is called the SKINFOOD Vita Juice Hand Essence. It seems like quite a normal product to try and I happened to be looking for some hand cream for my dry winter worn-out hands. It was an average price so it didn't seem like it mattered.

The hand cream is vitamin E based but I find it very similar to another hand cream I've tried. It is very similar to the Say Yes to Carrots lined cream(organic brand). The cream also smells like an orange creamsicle. As for moisturizing, it comes out in a nice semi thick lotion that once smoothed out, it will quickly sink into the skin while leaving a smooth finish. It is not sticky nor greasy either. In conclusion, I think if you're looking for a hand cream and/or you love SKINFOOD then it is worth a try!

Pros: Fairly cheap, nice scent, moisturizing
Cons: ugly packaging?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mascara Monday: Fiberwig Mascara

Fiberwig Mascara is the mother of all fiber mascaras out there! I've personally have seen it around many times but never got to try the original. I have the newer edition that promises a bigger and better boost in length. It pretty much works the same as the MJ one that I have reviewed recently. It attaches fibers to your bare lashes and slowly builds a bridge to create a fuller and lengthier crown of lashes. The best part is that fiber mascaras are so easy to remove too! You don't even need the oil eye remover!

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eyelash.

The results really speak for themselves! I really like the effect it had on my lashes but the only thing is the actual "sheen"/texture of the mascara on my lashes. I find it having this real black gritty and hard look which isn't quite natural and the black is extreme that it looks obvious that I put something on. In comparison, I would much rather prefer the MJ one over the Fiberwig. I do, however, want to try the brown one they have. I suspect that one will be very natural looking! Must look for it! Another thing about this mascara is that removing it is a breeze! All it takes is some warm water and some gentle strokes of a puff. I also realize that rubbing your eyes can remove it all because I did it once by mistake! I forgot I had the mascara on! So thumbs up on easy removal!

Pros: Lengthy and voluminous, easy to remove
Cons: hard/gritty dark black, too easy to remove!

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