Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ever wake up one morning and tell yourself that you have to have a certain product? I did! I remember seeing INTEGRATE Pencil Eyes for a long time and didn't really think much about it until lately when I discovered Covergirl has something similar. I then thought to myself "Wow! How handy and cool is that?" The concept of an eyeshadow pencil is nothing new but it seems like it may make a comeback! I jumped to get this one right away and couldn't decide between colours because there were just too many!

I finally made a choice on one(yes! only one!) based on the fact that I had to go to work and it would come in real handy for those days I wake up late or I'm in a rush. Plus it's easy to touch up at the office. I went for the darker brown that they carry which is BR691. I really had a hard choice between the two because they were both equally pretty. The only reason why this one ruled over was because I believed it could be seen more on my skintone and could possibly, if mastered correctly, used as a kohl liner. The BR691 is of a dirty dark dirt brown but when used as eyeshadow it turns into a chocolate brown with slight bit shimmer. The pencil itself is incredibly easy to use: line close to the lash line like liner and use ring finger to smudge upwards. Simple! The colour that I thought would show up on my eyes didn't really. It's there but you have to be awfully close to me to see it. The lasting factor is real bad too. I'm so disappointed that it would turn out like this! I suppose I should start using it with a coordinating powder eyeshadow. Bad one for INTEGRATE.

Pros: No brain instructions, beautiful colour selection, subtle shimmer
Cons: Not very pigmented, not long-lasting

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mascara Monday: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Expander

It's Mascara Monday! I love mascara! Don't you? I have yet to find one that is awesomepants. I have found great formulas but not 100% the best one for me. So it's great that there is such thing as Mascara Mondays! Today I will be reviewing Majolica Majorca Lash Expander which is one of their older ones. The thing about MJ is that they come out with a newer and approved edition of the same mascara each collection and sometimes within those collections they have special limited edition ones. I think that's an awesome way to keep consumers attached but horrible for our wallets. But again since they come out with it every season, I suppose they want you to use their mascara from the time it got released to the time a new gets released so you will keep using it. I don't do that though. I like to mix it up here and there depending on how much time I have at the mirror. Lash expander is pretty much a lengthening mascara with a waxy like formula to coat.

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eye.

Here is my curled and singled coated with Majolica Majorca Lash Expander eye. Quite a difference, right? It lengthened real well but yet still looks quite natural. There isn't much clumping either. Just a minor here and there that can be easily fixed with a lash brush. I liked that it also lasted pretty much the whole day without smudging or flaking around the outer corner of my eyes which is usually the case for all the other mascaras I own. The only thing that I don't really like about it that it doesn't give me enough oomph. I want thick and long lashes and this only gave me the long. But hey! This mascara really works and I'm not the only one who thinks that. A lot of beauty bloggers on the net are falling in love or in love with it. Move out natural fake lashes! Majolica Majorca Lash Expander is home!

Pros: Comb brush, lengthens real well, waterproof, smudgeproof
Cons: No volume, clumps a bit.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anna Sui Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrows. Not only do eyebrows open up your face but it also is a sign of a woman who takes the time to care for themselves. Even saying that, I really don't like grooming my eyebrows because it's sometimes painful and just a lot to do when I'm so tired. I probably should touch up every single day but honestly, I only do that 2-3 days apart. I've used many waxing products and I don't particularly like the results. Manual plucking is the most time consuming but efficient way to do it. My brows are naturally thinned towards the end so I have to be very careful in where I pluck. I also have to fill them in to make a more complete look. I like to use Anna Sui Eyebrow Powder during the drier months. I only do this because I find I don't need to worry about it melting in the heat.

I chose 02 which is the brown type. My pictures seem to make the brow powder look very warm but it is not. It matches dark brows(typically Asian) perfectly. The brush is fairly firm for the application and it makes it a real breeze to swipe and draw. Filling in the gaps is also pretty easy with the slanted tip. The one thing I love about the actual product is it's case. If you notice in the second picture above, there is fine etching around the mirror. Very pretty indeed! The lasting colour of the powder is just awesome! Although sometimes I do touch my brows unintenionally so I do have to touchup but it's no worry because the case is so small to bring out. It's about half of an average palm. Overall, the eyebrow powder is worth the try because I've tried the ones in America and I find those either too pigmented or too powdery.

Pros: Long lasting, signature rose scent, quality brush, easy to use
Cons: Limited amount of colour tones.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anna Sui Face Color/Colour Accent

My Anna Sui Face Color/Colour Accent had been hiding at the back of my makeup drawer for awhile that I almost forgot that I actually had one! I was wondering to myself about how I would not have a blush from Anna Sui. And it just popped out! It's not that I have a lot of makeup that I can't keep track of it... the only reason is because my drawer is such a mess. I divided everything according to blush, lip and face(with eyes) but it just seems to always get messed up. I am really in need of a makeup drawer makeupover! Please sign me up for one!

Anyhow the Anna Sui Face Color/Colour Accent is a very cute rose molded blush that comes complete with a small cute brush engraved with signature Anna Sui design. Like all of her makeup products, the blush smells like roses and is excellent quality blush. I got yet another vibrant blush 400. It is interesting that it's the same number as my Mini Rouge. Does that mean they go together? I suppose but I wouldn't go that way because it's just too much red on the face, in my opinion. Seeing that Anna Sui is all about bold colours, I only assumed that the blush would be incredibly pigmented but actually it picks up just the right amount of colour to make dolly cheeks happen. Depending on how much you swipe, the colour can turn from a cute pink to a very bright pink. I prefer the cute pink which is 1-2 swipes. One thing that surprised me about the blush was the actual brush that came along with it. I've seen my friend(who I previously talked about. Anna Sui fan) collect the brush jar and brushes. They looked pretty high quality and highly collectable. I never got to try them but the little one that came with this blush really wow-ed me! It's incredibly soft but not in a flimsy way. It felt like the actual larger version of a blush brush working but just smaller in size. The brushes are definitely something to check out if blush isn't your thing or if you're looking for cute and awesome brushes.

Pros: Great colour payoff, signature rose scent, outstanding brush
Cons: No mirror

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anna Sui Mini Rouge

There was never anything that attracted me to the simple idea of having glossystick (my version of lipgloss and lipstick in one) in a ring or keychain. I found those incredibly useless and prone to bacteria because of the fingers and constant opening and closing. Plus the mileage of the container for the price just didn't make sense to me. However that thinking is very different when you're splurging at a counter. I got the Mini Rouge when it came out which is around last Christmas. I had intentionally wanted to buy one for my friend but I found myself purchasing one for her and myself. The packaging is pretty simple with a small rose flower container and beaded clasp fixture. Along with the glossystick there is a mirror which is really smart and great to have for touch-ups.

I got my friend a pearly pink for everyday use, since the container was small for her already growing bag(she's a design student) and a much more bolder one for myself. I had intentionally wanted to try out the blue sparkly clear one but instead I chose to stick with a traditional one like the 400. It is not only a vibrant hot red but a very shiny vibrant hot red!

Testing it on the hand and actual lip are totally different stories because it goes on slight-bit sheer which is totally alright with me. The glossiness of it makes it movable and very moisturizing. So the glossystick isn't quite (lip)stick just very pigmented. I like that it's a real pigmented but you can still wear it every single day without having to worry of looking like a clown. It's a real great introductory gift for red lipstick virgins or even just a stocking stuff. This shade is so flattering for a lot of skin colours. I'm probably going to buy a few more to give to people this year as it's so cute!

Pros: Convenient design, moisturizing, works for everyday, signature rose scent, great gift idea
Cons: No applicator

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mascara Monday: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Mascara Base

It is MASCARA MONDAY TIME! This is the debut post for this new special project! The first mascara I will be reviewing is from Majolica Majorca. I have most of the mascaras but am missing 1-2. They are quite famous for the quality and the comb application. I'm personally not a fan of the combing mascaras but I love everything about these mascaras. Must say the packaging is what brought me to purchasing all of them as they came out. For starters, I will be reviewing the primer first as it's an essential or lust-worthy thing to have. It comes in a nice white tube with signature font that reads "Curl, curl, curl toward the sky" Primers are used to prepare and seperate lashes before the real application of mascara. They are often white/clear and have lengthening strengths to it. It also helps set and maintain the curl of your lashes throughout the day. The MJ one comes with a comb brush and is fairly translucent so it doesn't leave loads of white liquid drops on the lashes.

Here are photos of my lashes before application. I have curled my short straight lashes.

Now my lashes coated with the MJ Primer/Mascara base.

Just to show the full effect of the Primer/Mascara base with Mascara. Here are pictures of my eye without the primer but with the Visee Lash Glamour Shape Mascara.

And finally pictures with the primer and Visee mascara.

I honestly don't find this base as great as other primers I've used but I did own the first one MJ came out with. It's not as lengthening as others but I like how clean it is. It's comb feature is easy to use even though I don't like the comb. It's truly a breeze to apply! It's probably meant for a natural look. It's really an ok product depending on your needs and wants. I personally enjoy using it even though it doesn't really do much because it's a primer which is probably better than applying mascara alone.

Pros: Natural looking, Primer for lashes, Easy comb application
Cons: Not much difference

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

MAQUILLAGE Climax Moisture Gel Foundation

Although I do have my all time favourite foundation for winter already, I still always try out other brands so I can switch it up so I can have options. I had also purchased MAQUILLAGE Climax Moisture Gel Foundation last Christmas. I have only tried two foundations from Shiseido, the UVWhite and Sun Protection. Those were pretty good so I had a real good feeling about the Climax Moisture Gel. One of the things that caught my eye about this foundation was the dispense bottle type of bottle. I love the way that it doesn't have to get all the back of my hand and it just gives me the adequet amount needed for my face. And besides the fact that I'm also crazy for anything with pumps(shampoo, conditioner, body wash, styling gel, cream..etc).

Another interesting detail about the bottle is that it has a small window to tell you how much of the product you have left. I have yet to witness the actual thing but I read on this blog that when the foundation is used up to a certain amount the window will turn white to let you know that you only have 15 uses left. That sounds pretty good! Very thoughful because it's pretty bad if you run out when you need to put on makeup, say for an interview or a highschool reunion! Even though it is obvious when the foundation's life is over from the weight of the actual bottle contents, the window is much more accurate. The foundation also comes with a sponge encased in a small flat box made just to fit your makeup bag. A freebie! No need to open up another sponge just for this foundation!

The foundation is a gel texture which I find quite intriguing as it's a winter edition product(so it says on the bottle: fall/winter) because normally foundations should be moisturizing for the colder and much more drier climate. The only explanation for this really is that the foundation is made for people with oily skin-type for winter! I have combination skin so it was dry in most areas of my face and very dry in some. It really didn't work for me. The coverage was pretty good though and I loved the light gel texture on my face. It's a shame though that it didn't work out for me. I suppose there is one for combination skin-types and I purchased the wrong one. I would try it if you have oily skin type for the winter.

Pros: Medium coverage, interesting gel texture, ingenious bottle design
Cons: Drying for dry and combination beauties.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MAQUILLAGE Design Face Colour

MAQUILLAGE makes some great looking blush and highlighters. Even before MAQUILLAGE, the Shiseido branded blushes were just awesome! I love the design, colours and the high quality of the products that I decided to purchase the first edition of the Design Face Colour. The palette is quite pretty with a dual ended brush for cheeks and little areas on the face. However, the case(with brush) needs to be purchased separately which makes the entire palette quite costly.

I chose #50 for a warmer season and thought it would go along with the bronze babe look that I wanted. I was also hoping to further the use during winter as well for a wintery glowy look. There are 4 different shades in the palette from light dirt brown to a beachy sand. They can be used separately or in 1 swipe. When swiped the colours combine to make this wonderful sandy brown tint. I honestly don't use it much as it hasn't really done what I really want but I really wish it did. Kind of a real disappointment to me especially with it coming from Shiseido's MAQUILLAGE. The Face Colour was just too sheer with no glow whatsoever.

Pros: Pretty case, Pretty to look at
Cons: Costly case, sheer colours

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


From the moment MAQUILLAGE released their Neo Climax Lip, I knew I needed to have it! Just a few months ago, I finally got off my butt and ordered it online and was very pleased with it. I've always liked Shiseido's lip glosses but never purchased enough. The designs and results of the glosses always were what I wanted my lips to have. The gloss itself is actually half lip gloss and half lipstick. It has that pigment that lipstick gives you yet the sheerness and smoothness of a gloss. The gloss also sports the ingenious design of a lipstick shaped applicator that has a twist dispenser with the familiar REW and FW.

The colour I had spotted and wanted was the RS755 which was the model's colour and one I didn't have. It was rather a quick decision to choose this colour because it looked so flattering. It is a very very flattering rose plum pink. I just love it! The texture of the gloss isn't bad either. I don't find it at all thick or slimey like other glosses seem to have. It's just perfect! In fact, I did go to a couple of job interviews with this gloss on and have been complimented on it. What can I say? Wonderful! I'm even considering purchasing more colours from the same line!

Pros: Great formula, GREAT colour(RS755)
Cons: NONE! AT! ALL!