Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dear Readers,

I hate to say this again but I will have to be on a short hiatus. I have an important job training to go to for a few weeks so I will be unable to post new reviews and respond to the questions/comments. I'm afraid to say Mascara Mondays may be on a pause as well.

Please enjoy the past entries for the time being!


- Eliza

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sofina Raycious Face Trick Duo

When it comes to actual face makeup I usually tend to only stick to brands I know, tried and liked. I never got into Kanebo's face makeup line Raycious which is now discontinued/revamped with a new name and style. Even though I didn't use any of their products I did keep a close eye on the brand as I liked the model(Yamada Yu) in it. I finally gave the brand a chance and tried out one of their interesting products called the Raycious Face Trick Duo. At first I didn't understand how to use it but I slowly got the hang of using it. Basically it is a face highlighter and shader.

Usually these highlighters and shaders come in powder form but this one is in a light gel-ish cream texture. One end is a pearl light(highlighter) and the other is a cafe caramel brown(shader). I tend to use the highlighter part a lot just to emphasize the areas of my brows and cheeks. It's pretty easy to use too. Just a swipe, a few smudges and you're good to go. I never really understood the shading part because I never included shading in my daily makeup routine. I suppose you could swipe it upwards on your cheeks to create a "hollow" look. The colours are pretty blendable if you wanted to put them together and they do mix into your skin real well as demonstrated in my 2nd picture. It's overall not a bad product at all and it's easy to fit in with your other makeup.

Pros: Easy to use, cream texture, duo concept, compact
Cons: Discontinued item, shader may not be suitable for all skintones

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

美肌一族 Bihada Ichizoku Cheek Blush

Bihada Ichizoku is famous for their masks but the line has grown and introduced some cute blushes. The packaging of the blushes aren't exactly wow-worthy as they are only encased in a sleek clear plastic container similar to ones from MJ. They don't come with brushes which is quite alright considering the price. The texture of the blushes are quite silky smooth but they are quite loose once brushed. Quite a bit does go to waste because it just brushes and traps into the corner of the container. I have to be careful to not brush too hard so there is minimal waste.

The first one I got was Pearl Rose which is a pure rose with pearl finish to it. It does have some shimmer to it but only because of the pearl. Sometimes blushes come with just a top coat of pearl colour but this is not the case for this one. It is full of pearl. It is slightly more pigmented than the other one I have. I find this shade(because of the pearl) is very suitable for everyone. It's not too pink or too orange. I can be lightly tapped or brushed full-on. I really liked this one a lot.

The other colour I got was the Pearl Orange which is mediocre. I thought it would be vibrant(or as pigmented as the rose) with a pearl finish but it's pretty much a very light pale orange with pearl. The colour isn't so great because it's way too light for my skintone. I could see it better as an eyeshadow or highlighter.

Pros: Very smooth and silky, Pearl Rose is worth a try
Cons: No brush, blush is quite loose(waste)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Macara Monday: MAJOLICA MAJORCA My Lashes Extend Elegantly

Mascara Monday! I'm excited to add more to my new project! This time I will be talking about Majolica Majorca My Lashes Extend Elegantly. There really isn't an official name that I can find for this mascara but I'd probably think it's referred to the newer version of the Lash Extender as the selling point is that it gives you 120% increase in length for your lashes. That's insane considering most mascaras in the western market only boost up to 90%! Can do this mascara do what it says and give a 120% boost to my short stubborn lashes??

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eye.

Now my eye, curled, 1 layer of the Majolica Majorca My Lashes Extend Elegantly and combed out with a lash brush. For some reason, it doesn't seem all that great. It seems like the original Lash Expander did better. The formula is slightly the same but I found in this one it was much more wet and thick. By thick, I don't mean it making the lashes thick but the formula was rather wet gloopy. It also clumped quite a bit. My lashes looked really covered with black gunk so I had to use the lash brush to comb it out that is why it looks so natural in the pictures. Maybe it was a gimmick to release this one? Maybe it just doesn't work for me? Maybe it'll work for you.

Pros: Comb brush
Cons: No volume, clumps, wet, no 120% boost

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anna Sui Moisturizing Fluid Foundation

The colder season is approaching and I thought I would share my favourite(and #1) winter foundation. It is indeed the stunning Anna Sui Moisturizing Fluid Foundation! I haven't seen much reviews on this particular item from Anna Sui since the powders are much more popular. I tried this last winter on a spontaneos Anna Sui splurge while shopping for Christmas gifts. I have to admit that I do spoil one of my friends who is also a super Anna Sui fan.

I got B02 which is described as a medium beige and perfect for my skin whether it be summer or winter. The foundation sports the signature Anna Sui rose scent and is semi-thick but liquidy. I have to say, just with a simple test at the counter, you can tell how moisturizing it is. It feels like a great cream with a touch of colour. Don't get me wrong though about the touch of colour because the coverage is SUPERB! It has a real good coverage not full-on mask but it hides the major issues on my face(redness). As I mentioned before, I did purchase this one last Christmas and it has been tested many many times that I have to say it is truly a MUST-HAVE! It's moisturizing factor really lasts long that it keeps your face moist and won't dry out from the cold. It's obvious not meant for summer but I've been using it as concealer for the warmer months(shh!). I'm so glad summer is over and I can use this wonderful find again! Snow, please come soon!

Pros: Very moisturizing, medium to medium full coverage, signature scent
Cons: A bit heavy for oily skin beauties, no SPF, pour-out application

Thursday, October 2, 2008

MAQUILLAGE Design Cheek Color/Colour

Oh MAQUILLAGE! Why must you release such pretty blushes?! I was trying to refrain from purchasing the MAQUILLAGE Design Cheek Color/Colour but I couldn't help myself last minute when I was checking out. I had previously owned two of their blushes from their discontinued line(pN). They were pretty good and they looked pretty similar to the Design Face Color/Colour. This one isn't any different. The case(sold seperately), which comes with a brush, is divided into two levels. The first is where the brush is and the second is where you pop the blush into. And added, but no brainer, bonus is the mirror on the bottom of level one. The brush is soft but not outstanding so I rather use my full-sized one.

Like all blushes, there is always a pink one and an orange tinted one. I chose the pink one #80 solely because winter is pretty much just around the kitchen. I owned the orange tinted blush from the previous discontinued line(pN) and I didn't particularly enjoy using it at all. Just too orange for my Asian face. The orange would obviously work better for pale-skinned beauties. #80 has 3 pinks consisting of a baby pink, vibrant pink, coral-ish pink and a white. Although the shimmer is swiped off within the first use, there are some hints here and there when you apply. My favourite pink of the 3 would have to be the vibrant pink because it's just right for my skintone. The other ones are far too off or sheer. The other option is mixing all the colours but didn't like the result. The pinks were just too light for my cheeks. Overall, it is a great blush because of the design and longevity but the colours are definitely needed to be tested before purchasing.

Pros: Nice colours, slight shimmer, cute compact
Cons: Compact sold seperately(costly), only 2 shades available