Wednesday, November 12, 2008

美肌一族 Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Remover

Here is another skincare product from Bihada Ichizoku. This is their makeup remover which is quite essential before using their scrub/facial washes and masks. It is encased in a pretty normal tube but what tempted me the most to try it out was the actual cover design. It is quite a horrible excuse to get something for that reason but Bihada Ichizoku just always seems to draw me back. I've used quite a few makeup removers over my time of constantly applying makeup daily. For both my face and eyes, I would use the oil types. The Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Remover would be my first remover of a cream base. It comes out pretty much like cream and one could even mistaken it as one because of how soft it feels. The fragrance is pretty light and soothing. Lots of lavender scent. As for actually removing the makeup, it is awesome! According to the instructions, the cream is to be rubbed in circular motions around the face but I've also tried to slowly wipe away my eye makeup as well. Surprisingly it works real well! The MJ mascara and KATE eyeliner is gone! And after rinsing it off, my face feels incredibly smooth! Just like a baby's bum! It's definitely worth a try!

Pros: Moisturizing, removes all makeup, smells great!
Cons: None.

Friday, November 7, 2008

美肌一族 Bihada Ichizoku Lip Gloss

This is another release from Bihada Ichizoku along with the blush there came a Bihada Ichizoku Lip Gloss. It doesn't really look like an exciting release but I was in fan mode for the Bihada Ichizoku line that I had to have everything. It wasn't that expensive either. It is basically lip gloss within the line with a normal-but-semi-stiff brush. I'm really glad they didn't use plastic spatulas because I really don't like using those. Now there is another gloss that is clear and these ones did come out after that one. These ones are pretty much the same but with colour.

The first one I got was the Pearl Pink which is totally wrong to what it actually is. I think the labeling was bad but to me it should be called "Shimmery Pink". A very pretty cute berry translucent pink with a dash of shimmer to it. It goes on quite well with the brush and it gives a glossy watery-look. The scent of the actual gloss is VERY nice! Reminds me of a cherry popsicle.

The second one I got was the Pearl Pale Orange which suits is name entirely. It is semi-pearl that just looks flat-out nude to me. I was already shaking my head when I recieved it because I knew it wouldn't suit my skintone. It would be too pigmented and make me look weird. But actually to my surprise, it goes on thick(with colour) but really sheer. It doesn't even have a gold tint to it at all which is perfect. I observed wrongly! This one also has the lovely and yummy cherry popsicle scent. Texture wise these glosses are semi-sticky and they don't taste like anything either. I know I wouldn't be purchasing these again but I do think they make great stocking stuffers!

Pros: Cute colours, Cheap, Cherry Popsicle scent
Cons: Just a normal tube of lipgloss

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sofina Raycious Crystal Skin Base

Along with the Face Trick Duo I decided to also try out the Raycious Crystal Skin Base as well. Again when I tried this I had absolutely no impression of Raycious. This was just a sure gamble with my money. The skin base came in a pump bottle which I immediately liked and it also had the intelligent "window" showing how much product you had left. I believe it also turns white when you have only a few more pumps left. I can't justify this because I have yet to see it for myself and I can't read the Japanese on the back. All I can see the word "white" so I know something along the lines is going to happen.

The actual base/primer is pretty much a peachy toned gel that you can spread around your face while creating a luminous skin texture. The gel-cream is pretty smooth and light-weight. It awfully feels like a moisturizing base too which is very good for the upcoming months. The sell-point of this base is because of the slight bit pearl so your face can beam after it is put on. The finish is incredibly nice and makes me want to order a bit more to keep stock. It is sadly a discontinued item from Sofina. I would definitely recommend getting it if you happen to see it on sale somewhere.

Pros: Great texture, creates luminious skin, moisturizing, inngenious bottle design
Cons: Discontinued item, slight bit smelly like SPF

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mascara Monday: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Enamel Glamor

Yay! You know what time it is! Why! It's Mascara Monday! Yippee! It's been a blast doing these entries! Today I bring you Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamor! It is one of the other options when choosing a MJ mascara. There is the lengthening Lash Expander and I suppose this one is quite the opposite(seeing the name). The name Lash Enamel Glamor sounds like quite a veneer for the lashes. Almost like shiny nail varnish. In translation it must be a shiny wet glistening-in-the-spotlight type. Real glamour!

Here is my uncurled, plain, short, sparse and straight eye.

Not that I personally didn't like the effect the Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamor gave off on my lashes but it just wasn't as impressive. It did not suit any of my needs at all. If I had wanted perfect, shiny and dark lashes, it would've been a winner. I'm really not into the "wet" mascara look but more structured and lengthy one. As the pictures reveal, the lengthening skill is quite on the minimal side. You can also see the glisten & shine of the mascara on my lashes too. It was a bit darker and a bit clumpy for me. I would think it'd be a great top layer after the Lash Expander but only a little! Is it great? Not really. It is worth buying? It all depends on you!

Pros: Waterproof, smudgeproof, dark, "wet" look
Cons: No volume, clumps a bit and no length.

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