Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to Oui Beauty!

Hello and welcome!

This blog is all about reviews about makeup and beauty products from Japan. There will be some rare occasions that some of stuff will be from Korea or Taiwan. I've open this blog up for my deep interest and enjoyment of reading reviews on makeup.

This blog is pretty easy to use as I will tag every entry by brand and type of product. If you would like to use any of the content please credit!

I am by no means an expert with makeup but I love it a lot so I do own quite a bit. I'm just another girl out there exploring and experimenting.

This blog is no longer being cross-posted.

I am also pleased to present you:

Thanks and Enjoy!


Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Moroccan Blush

Hey Girl. Yeah actually both blushes have color. They are not just highlighters. I would not have bought it then. I bought the lighter color and it is a babydoll pink and it showed up on my fair skin. Now maybe on darker skin the lighter shade may not work but the darker shade should show up on everyone.

I posted a comment back on my blog but I am not sure if you get sent a letter saying that I commented back. Do you?

By the way Eliza, I have a poupee too! My name is under Dana C. I am not sure how to search for someone as I have just started with the site but see if you can try to find me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you do a review on the B&C clear last UV loose powders pls????
I'd really appreciate it!

justclick said...

I love your blog


Eve said...

hiya! just found ur blog fr a search in bihada series. great blog! keep it up!