Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LUNASOL 10th Anniversary Palette

Hey again! So this is quite an old product that I recently(ok, a couple of months ago) purchased. I've always had my eye on the LUNASOL 10th Anniversary Palette but never got around to getting it only because the colours didn't exactly appeal to me at the time and also because it was a bit pricey. I only finally got it when I went on a trip with a friend and was amazed about how "cool" it was to have a makeup palette. I know.. I'm a bit weird like that. There are a lot of makeup palettes out there from both Western and Asian brands but I figured I would give a the LUNASOL one a try. It's not only their bestselling products combined in one but it's also great for everyday looks. And to come to think, the price isn't too bad either!
This isn't exactly a review as I don't have swatches but I just wanted to talk about the palette. Old news is always good news! I bought this a few months ago and I've only been reaching for this item apart from my face stuff in my makeup drawer. I'm going to just break it down...

Eyeshadow(Skin Modeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige)
This is by far the most neutral combo you can have in your stash! At first when I saw swatches on other beauty blogs, I thought "Wow.. that's just never going to show up on my lids!" But I was really wrong! It's very subtle but the shimmer in the base beige colour makes it pop out a bit. I think the 2 skin-tone colours make no difference but tone down the shimmer of the beige so I use either/or when I apply. The chocolate colour is really nice though. These shadows are definitely on the warm side but have a slight cool in them. You can totally keep it simple or play them up for night.

Blush(Coloring Cheeks in 01 Reddish Beige)
As a blush lover, I can't really say I am loving this one at all. The quality and pigmentation is awesome but I'm not really fond of the colour. It's just really orange-y red for me. I prefer dirty pinks and this one is just too much. I also have some redness in my face so it doesn't look that great. It only just enhances my flaws. I don't really use the blush much but if I am lazy or if I forget my travel blush(Clinique's Quick Blush in Minute Mocha), I only use a very light hand.
Nobel Shade Liner in EX01 Deep Brown
I had real high doubts about this only because the normal price for these liners is pretty pricey so I never tried it or researched on it. I was a bit worried that it would smudge a lot and create a super-panda eye effect on me. But you know what? It reminds me of that old eyeliner I got from T'estimo! The colour is a very nice rich dark chocolate brown with some shimmer and a hint of metallic. I really like this one! I do! As for staying power, I have noticed a bit of smudge so I don't really use it often either..

High Stylized Mascara EL in 01 Black
Yeah. No. I don't like this one at all. It did nothing for my lashes. No length or volume. It clumps. Just a big fat mess. It also smudged and leaked. Ugh. No!
Full Glamour Gloss N in EX08 Beige CoralDespite the 2 let-downs with the blush and mascara, the lipgloss is definitely something to check-out/invest in. Maybe not this colour specifically even though it pretty much is the BOMB on my lips but because of this one, it makes me want to take a look at the other glosses. It's super light-weight and it's not the slight bit sticky at all! Love love love!!

So with that short review.. I do have FOTDs. The lighting is horrible but hopefully you can see what you can do with this palette. I am using everything that can be used in this palette even those 2 non-existent shadows, the blush and horrible mascara.You can see the eyeshadow better in this picture.
And this is how pretty the lipgloss looks!


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oooohhhh...i loooove this palette so so much..i'm close to hitting pan..i think hehe

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